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COVID-19 poses threat to couples seeking IVF treatment in India

Medical experts pointed out that 30 lakh people seek infertility treatment in India every year, but only 5 lakh people undergo the IVF/Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) procedure.


Assisted Reproductive Technology Regulation Bill addresses regulation lacunae in fertility industry, but its non-inclusiveness is troubling

When it comes to women and their wombs, legislators don’t seem to understand the necessity of having well thought out, supportive — and timely — laws. Maybe the gender imbalance in the two Houses of Parliament is responsible for this lack of empathy. So whether in the case of abortion or fertility treatment, there is no sense of urgency in formulating and rolling out the laws. 


Shilpa Shetty, husband welcome baby girl born through surrogacy

Actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra and her husband Raj Kundra on Friday announced that they have become parents to a baby girl, born through surrogacy. The couple welcomed their second child on February 15.


'Priceless' IVF baby born in Nottingham with help of £1m lottery win

Rebecca Brown, 39, from Nottingham was told by doctors she should have children "sooner rather than later" if she wanted to be a mother. She decided to spend £12,000 from her £250,000 share of the jackpot she won in 2016. The single mother gave birth to Ethel on Friday, in the Nottingham hospital where she works.


Woman with uterus transplant gives birth to ‘miracle’ baby

Jennifer Gobrecht and her husband, Drew Gobrecht gave birth to a boy, named Benjamin, who she carried inside a transplanted womb said Thursday that the experimental procedure delivered a “miracle.”



Our little miracles: IVF triplets born more than six weeks early celebrate their first Christmas at home

Scarlett, Max, and Troy were conceived after four IVF treatments and were born weighing just  4lb 2oz, 3lb 14oz, and 3lb 8oz.


TV presenter gives birth to baby boy after 15 rounds of IVF costing £80,000

TV presenters Hannah and Lewis Vaughan Jones were struggling to have a baby for years. Just before Christmas, the pair announced the arrival of Matheson Calon Tallett Vaughan Jones - or "Sonny" for short - who they described as "perfect in every way".


Let men in Britain donate sperm after death, say ethicists

Men in Britain should be able to donate their sperm after death, according to ethicists who argue that such contributions would help infertile couples and relieve the pressure on living donors.


French Senate passes controversial IVF bill

The French Senate this week passed a bill that would allow access to in-vitro fertilization (IVF) for single women and lesbian couples.


Mums prompt global IVF giveaway

Tracey Bambrough and Sara Marshall-Page, two British mothers decided to giveaway a free IVF treatment after their babies were born through IVF.


Hungary Says It Will Offer Free Fertility Treatments To Counter Population Decline

 Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announces free In-Vitro Fertilization treatments will be provided for free starting 1st of February, 2020 to help increase the national fertility rate.

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